April 10, 2009

Uh Oh... Hot Dog!

Good Friday. Dead Christ. I never did get sensitized to the images and statues of the bloody, gory Jesus nailed to the cross. Okay I guess this can be about religion.

So Jesus Christ endured torture and was crucified for calling himself 'King of the Jews' - the powers that were did not dig that, that was just crazy talk, blasphemy. But Jesus didn't back down because he truly believed this to be true.

Apparently, he knew that this was going to happen and he had prepared himself to sacrifice his life to prove (for lack of a better word) that he really was 'King of the Jews' - that he was the one, the light, the way. Basically, he was saying, 'look, everything I've been teaching you is true. And just to make sure you really have faith, I'm gonna endure torture and crucifixion because that's how much I believe in what I'm saying.

So he martyrs himself, but the kicker is the resurrection. He shows himself after death: 'see? there is life after death! It's all good... just follow my light and you'll be a happy soul!' or something like that. The point is that his statement was quite drastic, he wanted to prove his point so that others could live a better life and not fear death and a whole bunch more awesome things.

Now how literally you take this story depends on your beliefs: as far as I understand, most Christians believe that Jesus was the son of God in its most literal meaning - that God (man in sky) somehow impregnated a virgin and the resulting child was not human, but deity. And they also say Jesus is God, so who knows.

My beliefs are a tad different: as cool as deities are, I know that they are physical manifestations/representations of some energy or another. God = Energy. I = Energy. You = Energy. The frequency of energy at which you and I vibrate varies, but is drastically lower than the energy that "god" energy vibrates. That's the reason it is god energy - it's on another level. The higher the energy frequency is, the lighter it gets and who knows what happens to it once it gets to a certain level. The highest energy we can imagine is what would be considered "God." But everything else is energy as well and all energy has the same potential, hence God is everything, everything is God, and God is in everything.


When I apply this theory to Jesus, the son of God, I get this:

There once was a man who was born with the purpose of showing many people a different way to live in order to help them evolve, etc. He was a very evolved man, his energy frequency was very high. Son of God = Son of light = child of light. Yep. He was a child of light.

Of course, the story is never as simple as that. If I were having a conversation about this, I'd be asked a lot of why's and how's to back up my theory. Some of those why's and how's aren't hard to figure out and some of them take some thought. I won't get into any of them here because it's hard to know where to stop and if I ever get off my ass (or on my ass) and write the book I've been planning for the last few years, you can read it all there.

But I've gone way off the point now. Maybe my point is that there's truth to every tale aaaand you shouldn't take everything at face value because the world of spirituality is almost always spoken in a language of symbolism and metaphor. If you don't believe me, read some mythology or take up dream interpretation for that matter.

So today people celebrate the death of Jesus of Nazareth (aka the Christ), because it was a sacrifice so that we would have faith. I wonder if they have a holiday for the day the Buddha died... hmmm.

On a completely different note, I got the first coat of paint done today in my living room. The colour is very vibrant but looks a lot different then it did in the store because my lighting absolutely sucks so I plan on replacing my bulbs as well. Right now, the colour looks bright/dark orange - it's really nice. I'll do coat #2 tomorrow. I didn't realize how painful it would be on the old arthritis, but there's no turnin' back now!

If you don't know who you are, how can you find your voice? Think about it.

-Love Marylin.

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