April 9, 2009

Holy Tomato!

The meal I just had was so fucking good I just had to share it.

First of all, organic cherry tomatoes from the farmer's market = heaven... I don't think I've tasted tomato with flavour like that since I was little, seriously.

I fried up leek, garlic, celery, mushroom, spinach, and an egg in some olive oil and ate it on a whole wheat pita. Very simple, yes, but it was so good! I don't know why. And the egg could have easily been replaced with tofu.

It's good that I'm getting excited about veggies again. I'm slowly starting to feel a bit more "alive" - my body is celebrating the return of real food.

I was ready to go for a nap after eating, but now I think I'll stay up and make tea and do something productive... at least I'll try - I'm kinda bored today.

Tim picked me up and we went and got the paint and supplies I need at Home Depot. I picked a colour called "Dare Devil" so that should be interesting.

Here's what the room basically looks like right now:

The plan is to take most of the furniture out and paint. Then I'm having wall shelves put up with the help of my friend Sean. Other then that, you'll have to wait and see because of course I'll be posing 'after' pictures as well.

Other then doing some reading and giving some feedback, I've got nothin' goin' on this weekend so I'll likely get at least the first coat done.

What else... the doc doubled my meds today...

I'm feeling optimistic yet pretty miserable. I only got about three hours sleep and that nap is still tempting...

-Love Marylin.


  1. I can't wait to see the pics hun. I'm gladya like the new veggies. Hope ya having a good night. Big Hugs~

  2. Oh yeah, you need some color in there. Dare Devil sounds like it will do the trick! Can't wait to see the after pics. I miss the ning chats too. :(


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