April 15, 2009

It Really Is Gross

First 'what the fuck' of the day is my continual shock at how people can be so two faced and get away with it. I think it keeps surprising me because I always want to believe the best of people. The verdict is still out on whether or not that makes me the idiot, or them.

This chick I know, we'll call her S, (who just might be crazier than I am), is now all buddy-buddy best friends forever with this other chick I know, who we will call J, when just a few weeks ago, S was totally bad-mouthing J and saying she would never be friends with her because yada yada yada (basically a bunch of stuff that she now apparently doesn't care about). Not only that, but J wasn't too keen on S either.

Why does it bother me enough to be writing about it in my blog? Maybe because I know that S is and has deceived a lot of people under the guise of genuine love and healing and to my knowledge, no one has ever called her out on it. I don't think she's ever really had to face the consequences of her actions and I guess I'm saying that's bullshit. And I was a victim as well.

Maybe it's hard to react to - how do you deal with someone who seems to be the epitome of passive-aggression? My only hope is that karma will straighten things out.

Most of my friends are men, and for a very good reason - girls suck. Girls can't co-exist without bullshit ensuing. But I'd been missing having a gal-pal to talk to - talking exclusively to men about my problems was starting to fuck me up lol. So I thought I'd open myself up to girlfriends again, which was wonderful until heads began to double and I was once again reminded why there aren't many girls in my life.

I don't get it. THIS is what's keeping us from running the world, ladies. Save the drama for your mama.

Anywho, I'm not writing off females again, I'm just gonna be a lot more careful from now on and especially avoid situations where there are too many vajajays (that one's just for you Sunny) in the same room.

Speaking of Sunny - she's a girl. She's awesome. Hopefully I will find more where she came from as far as gals go. I'm too naive for this society damnit.

Anyway, just remember that if you care at all about having any class, lop off that second face right now and bury it deep in the ground because, in the words of Bob Saget, "that shit ain't right."

Oh lordy, who will censor the censors?

-Love Marylin.


  1. Ok, since I don't know S or J, I will only comment on what I've endured.
    I totally agree Gals SUCK! Although men have just as much drama as gals do just different. Jealousys like he got a new car,lawn mower, tool etc...
    I know I don't deal well with drama it upsets me to the core. I do what I can to avoid it at all costs. I don't understand how people who go from friend to friend and think nothing of what it cost the ones they do wrong.

    Also don't understand people who use other people,what benefits do they gain from it? I am at a loss as to how people like that survive. I do wonder what Karma they reap from being so selfish and carefree with their life at the expense of someone else?
    I probably don't make any sense. I'm sorry but I too limit my exposure to other gals for the same reason. Save the drama for the soap operas, and keep it far from me is how I live life.

    I think ya open to being more careful as to who ya allow in ya life hun and that's the first step.But don't close yaself off to what a good friendship ya might have with some gals. This would be a disservice to ya hun.
    Love & Hugs~

  2. You're female and you seem to be on the side of good not evil. yay poe!


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