March 22, 2009

It Runs In The Family

Trying to distract myself by working on web stuff, I'm so sick of the blah-ness of this blog but I was too busy messing around with my profile that I'm kinda too tired to start messing with colours... css and me are not the best of friends.

I recently started a LiveJournal, light pink and white, a far cry from this black black black blog. Whatever. That's not really what I wanna talk about.

I just wanna get off my chest that

I'm tired of the way things are my hair is always getting wet I'm always in the undertow I'm always in the undertow. The rape you gave me, take it back, the sick and twisted love you spoke, you spoke and now I never never want to hear your voice again. Things are NEVER going to be the same. I'm too fucking strong. Just knock me down, knock me down and watch me thrive on it... THRIVE on it. Enough. Done. Done. Done. I've cracked too many times this year already to remain in the shell, it's broken now. Broken. Fuck. You. Good. Bye. I'm waking up now.

i can run using every last ounce of energy
i cannot
i cannot
i cannot
run from my family
they’re hiding inside me
corpses on ice
come in if you’d like
but just don’t tell my family
they’d never forgive me
they’ll say that i’m crazy
but they would say anything if it would
shut me up.....

-Love Marylin.

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