February 3, 2009

What Do I Hear?

I hear the kettle letting me know in its insistent noisiness that the water is sufficiently hot. Time to make my favourite tea, my comfort tea, Earl Grey Vanilla: it's one of those Tetley specialty canister teas. I have a bad feeling it was discontinued - I haven't had to buy any in so long because I stocked up.

Anyway, I love this tea. And I'm having a blaaaaa day and my special tea is going to bring me back to my warm and fuzzy self, mhmm, that's me alright ;)

I hate bla days. I do I do. They're yucky and don't seem to serve much of a point. Just gotta drink my tea and occupy myself with other good things, ride it out until tomorrow...

I'm trying to write an entry in this here blog everyday. You know, you'd think that wouldn't be a hard feat for a writer, but I gotta tell you it is! I'm never quite sure what to talk about, I'm far from having a very interesting life, so it's usually going to end up a lot like this entry, just... whatever.

Sadly enough, I know I have written about my tea before on here, but it really is wonderful tea. I'm grossly bias toward coffee, but this tea...

-Love Marylin.

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