February 1, 2009

Happy Vulva Month

February is officially the month of vulva love - a month long celebration of the awesomeness that is the female genitalia.

The woman responsible for this craziness, Ms. Suzi Blu, is prompting ladies far and wide to talk about their own feelings about their vulva and challenging us to get out that hand mirror and take a look down there (as most women go their whole lives without ever seeing their own vagina).

And February, being the "month of love", is usually all about valentine's day and romance and bitterness for those without a significant other. Which I believe is a bit stupid, if people want to celebrate love and be romantic, they can really do that anytime of the year. Oh well, Valentine's day makes a lot of moola - maybe I'm just bitter because I want a boy to send me flowers... or not.

Here it is... the heart... <3

Love it.


Do you ever look at your vulva???

My first gander at the pink, my first really truly good look, I'd say was about three or four years ago. Curiosity finally got the better of me... and why not? Isn't it weird to have a body part all your life and not even know what it looks like?

As I maneuvered the mirror in order to get the best view, I have to admit, I was a bit freaked out - a bit traumatized you might say.

I looked and looked for I don't know how long, feeling that I was looking at the ugliest pussy in the world. I guess you could say the experience wasn't the best.

But I tell you I've looked again, and again a few more times since then and every time I do, I begin to get more and more proud of what I'm seeing... what I used to think was scary, weird, and ugly, is now pretty frikken beautiful if you ask me.

I have a hot pussy! Well, at least that's what I think lol.

And I can see how seeing one's own vulva for the first time might be a traumatizing experience: imagine looking in the mirror and seeing something on your body that you've never seen before... it's a bit of a shocker.

I realize how sheltered the vulva is in society and in our private lives: a lot of times the word 'vagina' is censored by the media while the word 'penis' is usually acceptable. People feel weird saying the word, it is so foreign. Most parents don't talk much to their children about it... it is a thing of function, not beauty and there must be a reason God made it an innie and not an outtie like the penis.

Well I'm sorry to say but just because it is hidden, doesn't mean it's not there. Ha!

"See, when you're a chick (and I am), there's a morbid curiousity that happens at some point where you realize that you've never really seen your own vagina. It's not like a cock where you can just look down, think "neat" and go on with your day..." (http://www.sunnycrittenden.com/wp/2009/02/01/vulvacious/)


I will admit, I don't like the word vagina. I think it's an ugly word. I think the vagina is beautiful, but I do not think the word is beautiful. I prefer saying pussy, as it sounds cute and lovable like a pussy cat and is much more sexy sounding than vagina.

Vulva is a good word. Vulva. Vavavava vulva.

So listen, vulva gives life... vulva gives pleasure... vulva should be worshiped! lol

Well, I guess that's what February is for now.

-Love Marylin.


  1. you have pretty eyes.
    Im sure your vulva is pretty too.

    Vulva's are the new 3rd eye ya know.

  2. Can I take a wild guess and say that those of you who think your vulvae are beautiful have never given birth? Oh..of course I think the vulva is amazing because of its participation in the pregnancy...but..I'll admit....I used to have an awesome porn star vulva which has now been stretched to smithereens...never to return to its glory day. Yes...I...squeezed a 10 pounder through there. Indeed…My vulva looks like a bunch of worn out hosiery.

  3. I cannot relate to having had children, no, so I can't say how will feel about until and if I do. I have heard that the vagina is elastic and mostly goes back to how it was after child birth - though perhaps this isn't the case with all.


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