April 11, 2006

King Henry VIII Birthday Party Circ 1526

I LOVE the Renaissance!

"You are hereby Commanded to Attend His Majesty, King Henry VIII, for the Celebration of His Birthday Saturday April 8, 1526 at His Court at Greenwich at 8:00 p.m"

Yeah so on Saturday I attended the Royal Abingdon Renaissance Faire fundraising event. We all dressed up pretty and as close to period garb as we could muster and had a ball!

There were Morris Dancers, a mask, and a court was even held where his majesties master of the rebels was knighted.

The mead was delicious and the wenches left no man unmarked.

I won a t-shirt and we all got free passes to the Faire this summer (which I'm looking forward to).

Here you can see my friend Maven and my roommate Shauna got dragged into the dancing:

Oh, the revelry!

And here I found my knight in shining armour:

But alas, he is below my station and it will never be!

But I digress...

I looked darn hot that night! Had a blast and will tell you all about the actual Faire when it comes.

Goodnight, goodnight...

Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow.

Love Marylin.

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