April 28, 2013

Step 1: Trusting Your Feelings

Q: Do I trust my own feelings? Do I know what they are?

A: I don't always trust my own feelings - being borderline has caused me to second guess myself countless times because the extent to which I feel things is greatly exaggerated/ larger than they would be for others in the same situation.

I know that feelings are not facts, but chemical reactions to thoughts and the interpretation of those thoughts - that emotions do serve a purpose and can be useful if you act on their messages.  And I usually do trust that what I'm feeling reflects much of the truth that is going on, though I can't usually know that for sure until the emotion has calmed or passed and I can look at it retrospectively.  But at the same time, I know how distorted things can look when you're in the middle of the emotions and it seems hopeless and all of those cognitive distortions do a number on your thinking.

These facts have often left me confused as to how I should ultimately react/what actions i should take because there really is no right answer.

I'd say I've learned to recognize what my emotions are through a lot of practice in observing and describing them, but there are still times when I have no idea what I'm feeling and often my sadness will try to mask my anger, but I won't realize I'm angry until I've worked it through.

I guess the answer is, I trust my own feelings to guide me, but not to interpret a situation.

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