April 17, 2013

Step 1: Helping You Help Yourself

Q: What brought me into Al-Anon? What did I hope to gain at that time? How have my expectations changed?

A: I came to Al-Anon because my father's downward spiral into alcholism was effecting me in bad ways - I needed help dealing with it, so Jodie (friend) brought me to a meeting.

I hoped I'd find out helpful tips on how to help the alcoholic stop drinking.

My expectations are vastly different - I learned quickly that Al-Anon helps you help yourself, not the other person.

I came back to Al-Anon because my relationship with Brian effects me in the same way that an alcoholic would and it stood to reason that the same program would help for this too. I was right. But I don't expect to get as much help out of it because Brian isn't an alcoholic, he has ADD so I can't share as everything at meetings and I probably can't get a sponsor.

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