January 17, 2011

Wanna Be A Boy!

 Arg I do.  Damn cramps.  Got my hot water bottle and my mint ginger tea and thought I'd try some writing.

So, my birthday is in three days, and as usual, I've been alerting everyone consistently and annoyingly of that fact.  Not exactly sure why I do that, I just know I'm the only adult (ha) I know who still gets excited about her own birthday, no matter how old I am.  And by the way, if you were curious, I am turning twenty this year...  :-p

I'm not doing anything for my birthday as far as I know... maybe I'll have some drinks with some friends or something... but there happens to be party the night after my birthday so I'm just gonna celebrate that way.  It is a play party so I am sure to get plenty of birthday spanks!

I've secretly always wanted a surprise party for my birthday because I am an attention whore (the shiest attention whore evar) but that's not something you're allowed to plan for yourself.  Maybe some day.

Listening to Bobby right now, was watching that video of him and John Lennon in the back of a car talking about Johnny Cash etc., and Bob is clearly on drugs lol.  Listening to the two of them together is quite interesting as they both have quite unique voices.

Ummm what else... going to finally check out that Indian restaurant down the street that I've wanted to try forever but going out to eat alone is no fun.  But me and some friends have recently started a bit of a restaurant crawl and it was my turn to choose the place.  Our last place was Thai Memory on King William and omg it's awesomeness.  Definitely going back there.  That should be fun,

2011 thus far has been kinda (dare I say it) awesome.  Well, 2010 ended with a lot of climax and you know the way it is, the more you struggle, the more you grow.  Well, I grew like a muthafuka. 

I'll call 2010 the year of getting a love life.  Right from the beginning of the year up to the end I was meeting men, one after the other, which has never been the case for me.  I've had a tumultuous time with matters of the heart but it has never been a matter of quantity... I mean, I've still never even had a real relationship or been taken out on a real date!  But for some reason, 2010 was when the guys decided to start coming out of the woodwork.  I have a couple of pretty good theories as to why, but let's just say I had opportunity in the last year to learn a hell of a lot about myself when it comes to men, sex, dating, etc. 

I accomplished a whole hell of a lot of other awesome things in 2010 as well, most of which I didn't write about because for the past seven months or so I've had no motivation/passion to write in my blog.  Now it's coming back to me along with the motivation to do a lot of other things I didn't bother with that make me happy.  I feel like I've shed a skin.  It is good.

I don't make new year's resolutions because if I'm not gonna do something then making it a new year's goal is not gonna change that.  If I make a goal, I'll just make a goal.  No I'm not planning to quit smoking.  No I'm not going on a diet.  Deal ;-)

My favourite thing of 2011 so far is that I have started dating a man who so far is pretty full of the awesome.  Yay!

Happy new year n' stuff!

Buy me birthday presents! LOL

Love M


  1. Hey you. You say you're an attention whore - that's okay. You write in an interesting way. It sucks you in - and keeps you interested. I also like your interest in music - dylan, lennon, cash. Good read. Plus, you're fucking hot as hell. Love those eyes.
    Cheers - CK


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