April 25, 2010

The Living Dead

(originally posted on trooth.info)

Stabbed Hero Dies As More Than 20 People Stroll Past Him

What is going on with society that we can stroll by a dead, bloody body and just keep on going? Is it fear of getting involved? Are they thinking 'well, someone else will take care of it'? Are they not observing their surroundings enough in order to take notice of a corpse? Or do we just not care? Take your pick - these are symptoms of a society in sore need to waking up.

We're afraid to get involved so we leave the job for someone else - but there is increasingly no one else willing to step up out of their cozy existence and get their hands dirty. We are so over-stimulated that we've just stopped paying attention: the media can take the credit for that one - rarely do we really observe what is around us in any way other than subliminally. Something tells me this same behaviour would not have gone on if it had been a puppy lying there in a pool of blood: people are becoming so dehumanized, exactly what Alex Jones was trying to convey with his ipad torture experiment. Our eyes are open but our minds are sound asleep - we're sleep walking ourselves into one hell of a living nightmare.

Observe. Describe. Participate.

Love M

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