December 17, 2009

Pitter Patter

This always happens: I go too long without updating my blog and I've forgotten most of the interesting stuff that has happened to me.  Oh well, tis life. So NaNoWriMo - I won that.  Yes, I wrote over fifty thousand words in thirty days, who knew?  I will definitely be doing it again next year, but this time I will have an outline.  For some reason, my muse decided to write a story that had just one character - one!  Needless to say, it became somewhat difficult around the third week to come up with more to write.  I eventually had no choice but to throw in another character and that saved me.  Week one and two went smoothly, I got behind in week three, and in week four people would not leave me the fuck alone and so I ended up having to write my last twenty thousand words in a fourty eight hour period.  It turns out my story could actually be good if I attempted a second draft.  I'm gonna let it sit for a while though.

The holidays are here again and I've already resigned myself to the fact that it's gonna suck the same as it always does and the only way I'm going to get through with my sanity intact is to let nothing bother me.  If I let stuff bother me, I'm doomed and you will have to hear me boo-hooing from now till new years about my psycho family, what little of them there are, how it sucks to be alone during the holidays, especially when you know a certain someone is spending the time with someone else and to put more salt in the wounds, there's new year's eve - I will likely be sitting here in front of my computer as usual. I don't think it's horrible to spend new years alone, but it feels pretty lonely and feeling lonely sucks.  I think I said I wasn't going to throw a self pity party but it seems I just did :op  Sorry kids.

I never say this but I'm going to now - it would be nice to have someone damnit.  Preferably a man ;o)

Okay enough of that nonsense. 

I am no longer a member of Think Haus - the hackerspace that a bunch of us started back in April.  Yeah, I can't get there transportation wise, and I'm not paying a membership fee for something I can't be a part of.  I won't get into the other reasons, politics and whatnot, but as of now, I'm not as busy on Tuesday nights anymore (except for the writer's meeting nights).  It's kind of nice having one less thing on my agenda - I hate juggling too many things, there's a reason I can't work a regular job ya know.

Don came over tonight and we saw something that made him laugh hysterically for a good ten minutes:

This is Paul Martin being very excited... the photoshop possibilities are vast.  W looks pretty pleased about something himself, who knows what.

I can't think of too much else to write about at the moment.  I got a webcam and I've been having a lot of fun with that, though I have yet to talk to anyone with it, webcam chat or whatever you call it, not sure if I will either but that could be fun I guess.  Make my own porn maybe? Nah, I'm not very photogenic.


Too much to say and not enough.  I will be back.

Love M.


  1. Always fun to read, as usual. I don't know if I could ever summon the courage to do a NaNoWriMo (especially because I'm not a writer) but Im glad you had fun doing it.

    Oh and I'll web chat with you whenever, you've got me on an IM contact list so just say hi whenever.

  2. Thank you sir, I'm sure I'll take you up on that offer.

    I was afraid to do NaNoWriMo - I made excuses every year why I should wait to do it the year after but once I decided to do it it was mostly a lot of fun.


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