May 22, 2009

The Popcorn Was Good

Went and saw 'Angels & Demons' with Jodie tonight: the verdict? It was just as good/bad as 'The Da Vinci Code' was, a.k.a. it was better than a kick in the head.

Going to see a movie can be fun, but I rarely ever do. Why? Most movies that are played in theaters where I live aren't worth the trouble. If I want to see them bad enough, I'll wait and pirate the damn thing. Arrrrr! I was going to say, 'most movies they play in theaters (period) aren't worth the trouble' but Jodie says apparently they do have worthy movies played in other cities, like Toronto, for instance. Well I never go to Toronto so that sucks for me.

But as I was saying, most new movies (ahem Hollywood) are what I like to call "distraction movies." They serve the purpose of numbing my mind when I need to stop thinking and relax and forget my troubles and be distracted from life. They also sometimes provide laughs as a bonus.

I don't understand the industry, I just don't. They're remaking 'Melrose Place'? WTF is what I have to say to that. Why do they keep remaking everything! It always makes me feel bad for those ideas that are pushed aside in lieu of what's 'hot' - a real artist put work into something original and new, and we get to see a cast of bad actors in a t.v. show that is better off left alone... to live peacefully in film heaven, where bad shows/movies go to die.

So I pay for cable and rarely change the channel - it's almost exclusively on channel 44 - Comedy Central. I put it on for distraction and because 90% of what's on t.v. is just. so. sad. And I'm not talking depressing.

And I've been twiddling my thumbs for over a year waiting for 'The Rum Diary' and 'Dali & I: The Surreal Story' to come out. Those are the only two movies I'm whole-heartedly eager to hand over cash to see on the big screen. They're both supposed to come out this year, but who knows. I know that 'The Rum Diary' is in production only because I've seen pictures of Johnny Depp on set. As for the Dali film, I've heard squat.

Realistically, if these two films end up being GOOD, they will likely end up going straight to DVD *shakes head*

In the meantime, I think I'll save my money and stay home.

-Love Marylin


  1. My Love and me are going to see Angels and Demons because right after we saw The Da Vinci Code he proposed to me.. So it's kinda special. We don't go to the cinema all that much anymore, aside from Orange (phone company) Wednesday special when you get two tickets for the price of one...

    the Da Vinci Code was a bit of a joke, especially when they said 'We need a library!', we still use that from time to time... It was so much better in the book...

    I wanted to see Twilight, but will wait until it's on one of our moviechannels. It's on a paid one at the moment, but can't be arsed. I liked the books (although they were very much 'oohh, I can't breeeeaaathe without him' highschoolgirl drama) but I would not pay to see it. Now Harry Potter on the other hand.....

    As for 90210 I only watch it to see what's going on with the old characters. Amazing how they got Kelly and Donna and Brenda back. Guess they did not have a better offer at the time... I'm slightly curious about Melrose Place, but I doubt that will go passed the first episode.

  2. What? The original Kelly, Donna, and Brenda are in the show? Weird! Is it any good? I obviously haven't seen it ;)

  3. I can't go to the movies anymore. I use to think I missed that. The smell of popcorn with lots of butter on it, sneaking in a soda or candy bar. These days I just look at it as money saved to purchase the dvd when it comes out. My sister in law humors me sometimes, and we make a big production out of movie night with a big dinner, snacks, pillows and blankets. They all get a big laugh when I fall asleep, but that's the good thing about a dvd, I can always finish it later.

    Terminator Salvation and Star Trek are on my list to pick up the day they come out on disc. I can't wait on Dark Shadows the movie with Johnny Depp. I was excited about Alice in Wonderland with Depp, until I saw the photo of him as the Mad Hatter. It's going to be dark and dingy, which would of been fine, as it is a rather twisted story, but Burton, I fear, is a one trick pony.

    Your right though. Someone needs to shake things up and do something new. The remakes are getting old. I watch HGTV, TLC or The Food Network, but mostly I listen to music and leave the cable off.

  4. Tim Burton is doing 'Alice In Wonderland' with Johnny Depp in it? Why do I never find these important things out? When is it coming out? Is it in production? wtf?! LOL

  5. there are good movies out there, but you have to wade thru a pile of crap to get to them. 'star trek' is quite good. the upcoming 'public enemies' with johnny depp & christian bale holds great promise, but director michael mann has both disappointed and knocked us out of our seats in the past...i'm hoping for the latter this go round. burton's 'alice in wonderland' looks like a winner for 2010 and his '9' to be released this september looks very interesting. the new terminator? maybe. and the new eddie murphy film...stay home.

  6. Yeah I saw the preview for 'Public Enemies' at the theater and want to see that. And DEFINITELY 'Alice In Wonderland'!

  7. true, there's very little out there worth the $$ to go to a theater ...

    where the wild things are is coming out in october ...

    i'll continue my netflix documentary binge until then i suppose lol ...

    btw, how ya doing marylin?

  8. Oh I forgot about 'Where The Wild Things Are'! That looks like it would be worth seeing it on big screen...

    I'm doing good Lisa, a lot of spring cleaning in all areas of life - getting on track and trying not to lose my mind on ignorant people ;) How are you my dear? Loving the new ning by the way :)


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