May 21, 2009

Blog Withdrawal


I feel like I haven't blogged in forever! I guess I got away with it for having written a novelette last week. That was interesting... an experience I've never had that's for sure. I wrote this entry expecting a few angry comments, a few ugly words flung at me for outing their previously untouchable queen of mixed media. Not so. Here I am, two weeks later and there is currently about 1090 comments posted.

Turns out my story wasn't so different then the experience of quite a few others and my entry was the "event" or gateway they needed to speak about it.

During these two weeks, I experienced a lot of ignorant folks (or, to be fair, ignorant comments) that leave me still scratching my head in bewilderment. I now realize that people will only see what they want to see. They will only believe what they want to believe, or what keeps things safe for them. People will skip the important parts, and when that happens, there's just no use in discussing it. A lot like conversations I've had with Christians (no offense, I speak about certain ones, not all of them).

But if you start with the truth, continue with the truth, and come out at the end with the truth, you've done the best you can.

There is now a place for people to talk about their experiences with this woman without fear. That is a wonderful thing and it will stay right where it is.

Anyway, onwards and upwards!

Now that I've got that ton of bricks off my shoulders, I'm sticking my nose in a bunch of other awesome endeavors.

I'm moving my workspace (hopefully by next week) into the other room where it is bigger and has a balcony! I'll get to enjoy the natural lighting and that yummy fresh air I never get enough of. Just need to figure out how to set up all the crazy internet wires again (I'm not used to the cable set up) and I'm good to go. I'm excited!!!!

There is a good possibility that I will be joining the Arts Hamilton Literary Advisory Committee - apparently Hamilton has Literary Awards, how did I not know this?

I've started a collaborative writing project with some of the members of my writing group: it's an idea that was raised probably a year ago but nothing ever happened with it.

It should be fun, help get people writing, and hopefully come out in the end with a publishable piece.

Project hackspace has come quite a ways in the past few weeks: a location has been found and the lease is to be signed any day now I believe. So June 1st is probably when we 'get' the place. Though I'm still waiting to see how involved I'm going to be in this whole thing. It's funny though, a bunch of nerds who all think they're the best at stuff (myself and Don included) so it makes for an interesting time - everyone of us as arrogant as the next lol.

I've been enjoying talking with Poe, Camille, and Kelly again more often now that all cats are outta the bag - I love my internet friends :P Sunny is my internet friend as well but she lives so close that she's practically a rl friend too - especially when I go visit her, which I'm sure will happen sometime in the near future. Then I get to meet Lexi toooooooo!!!! woot!

Other than all that, I have a few other projects that I'm not gonna tell you about because they're none of your fucking business.

Just kidding, no, they're not ready to reveal yet so you'll just have to wait ;)

And no I haven't forgotten about the Hamilton 24 Hour Film Festival that I have yet to talk about - sheesh I'm behind on things... it's coming!

It feels good to blog again, that was a loooong two weeks and I missed you guys.

You shall hear from me again soon,

-Love Marylin.


  1. I still don't get what a hackerspace is. And yes I clicked the link.

  2. All it is is a big space that is shared by a bunch of people so that you can work on big projects, for example, if you wanted to paint something ginormous, you could use the space. Or if you wanted to build a table... anything creative or diy that you can't do at home for whatever reason.

    That is the gist of what it is.

  3. Ok, I'm wondering about the "hackerspace" too.

    So people bring in their stuff, tools and friends to create things there at the space?.

    What keeps it going?, I mean donations or ?.

  4. Here's what wikipedia says: currently can't find a link, but being a "hacker" today means to hack at things: people who like to make shit, people who like to invents stuff, people who like to take stuff apart and make other stuff with stuff, artists, crafters, inventors, computer geeks (for lack of a better word) - even someone who knits is part of this group. Right now, as far as I know, most hacker communities consist of the more technological geek - people who like to make robots and play with lazors and shit like that LOL.

    (ok I should make a blog post on this me thinks)

    Anyway, in cities all over the world there are hackspaces. This is any space that has been purchased or leased (usually every person pays membership fees so that covers costs) and every member has a key and can come whenever they want and work on whatever project they want, or just hang out even lol. There's usually a crap load of tools that everyone can share and it's almost impossible not to find what you need for any project by asking another member.

    There's usually a kitchen, bathroom, and lounge area (video games! lol).

    Hackspaces can be one bedroom apartments or gigantic warehouses.

    Members can go almost anywhere in the world and have a couch to crash on.

    Hackerspaces work with the local youth, doing class presentations, open houses, that sort of stuff to educate kids on all sorts of stuff.

    Why I'm very interested in hackerspaces (mind you I JUST learned what these are like two months ago lol) is because I consider myself a big hacker (not a hack Sunny! LOL): I love making shit, especially using recycled stuff, I like to do arts and crafts, LAN parties are fun (don't ask me what those are PLEASE), I love the whole idea and think every city should have one, Geeks are awesome too :P

    I hope that helps?

  5. Hey hon glad to see your writing again. I really enjoyed this post and the movie one too. I don't like most of what hollywood throws out at us either. Hope your not gonna be all mad that I commented here??

  6. Well I'd guess because I made the fatal mistake of stumbling into your other post and commented, only to be told to f**off by a bunch of very angry women. Wasn't certain you'd even appreciate my leaving any comments since then? But hey either way welcome or not, keep up with the writing you have a natural voice for it. Would love to see what you'd do with a world news kind of piece.


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