May 3, 2009

A Flu By Any Other Name

You know it's the "end of the world" when pigs fly.

The World Health Organization has declared ‘a public health emergency of international concern,’ defined by them as ‘an occurrence or imminent threat of illness or health conditions caused by bioterrorism, epidemic or pandemic disease, or highly fatal infectious agents or toxins that pose serious risk to a significant number of people.’

Known to you and I as Swine Flu.

Now they're having us call it H1N1 because people weren't buying pork due to fear of becoming infected.

But it's too late to erase the damage that the name 'Swine Flu' has begun to inflict on the pork industry: the name 'Swine Flu' has become too common, too catchy, for H1N1 to replace it.

The US agriculture secretary has only just initiated the name change. Could they not have foreseen that a "pandemic" called 'Swine Flu' would cause issues for the pork industry? Of course they did. Now they're saying, "oops, ok, call it this now" but they know they've already planted the seed.

And if they wanted to make it clear that this flu isn't pig-related, why are some farms being quarantined?

So what motivations could there possibly be for putting the pork industry at risk?

Well, for those of you who don't know, the Rockerfeller funded, Monsanto, has been trying to get a patent on the pig. Yep. They want to officially own the species, this is the future.

This would mean big money for Monsanto, with which the US government has many connections, which equals big profit for members of government, thus motivation to destroy the pork industry.

In comes Monsanto to save the day. Now their attempts to patent the pig are what saves the industry, rather than destroys it.

Why would the government allow anyone to become ill or die though? The government wouldn't do that.

Well this isn't the first time they've tried to instill fear into people to achieve their own ends - they love their fear tactics.

So many possibilities... how easy would it be to pin this on terrorists? It's a perfect plan all around. More fear of terrorists means more war. The war is a cash cow as well as a great way to keep citizens under control by making them afraid and then coming in to "save the day."

Well that's not all ladies and gentlemen: don't forget about the pharmaceutical companies ginormous profit from the cure for this horrible, deadly swine flu. And if I know people, I know that most of them are going to be jumping on that vaccine bandwagon, the same way they line up every flu season for their annual flu shot.

Which wouldn't be so bad if the vaccine, Tamiflu, didn't have horrific effects - please watch this video and for the love of god, do not take Tamiflu! Especially anyone under the age of 19.

I'm not even going to go into why they would want to give the public such a dangerous drug, the information I'm talking about is already over-whelming to those who haven't done their research (or didn't know there was ever a reason to).

Listen, if I die from swine flu, then you can take the damn vaccine and say "I told you so."

This was written in a hurry because I wanted to get it out there (I didn't have to do any research before realizing the connections and it was making me too sick to my stomach to not say anything) and I'm sure it's not the only piece talking about these same issues. So forgive me for not providing more research to back all this up. I urge anyone reading this to add to it by leaving more information, links, etc. in the comments.

If you think I'm a nut-job, please prove me wrong and research for yourself, the more you research, the better.

I'd like to build on this, so again, if I've missed important facts (which I'm sure I did) or you think some other points should be made, leave a comment.

-Love Marylin


  1. im sick of swine flu. It sounds like another fibromyalgia nonsense don't you think??

  2. Not sure what you mean by "another fibromyalgia thing."

  3. Marylin, people should check out, on the right hand side there is an article on swine flu. It is not some 'accidental' flu, it is bullshit, a lie, and planned by those in power. Watch for more of these 'pandemics' coming this fall. They have an agenda, people don't want to know about it though. Thank goodness a group of people is starting to talk, and uncover the lies. The drug companies and Monsanto are pure evil. They want us all sick, so we won't fight them. Wake up people, get yourselves healthy, and do some research! We need to fight for the rights of organic farmers, not these factory farms that give us no nutrition in our food, but toxins. This is not paranoia people, it is happening under our noses. If you want any future for your children, you better be prepared to fight for them. I don't want this to sound scary, so I will say that the ones doing this, are a very small amount of men, the only way they get away with it is if we remain ignorant. Start making a fuss about the power of these drug companies, write letters, make people aware, and they will have no choice but the back off. WE are the ones truly with power, not them. Start talking, let the government know that you are aware of what is going on and you want it stopped.
    I'm glad you wrote about this topic Marylin.

  4. I totally agree with you Marylin. And actually you really informed me with this blog post. So thank you! :) The government and their damn propaganda.
    I kinda feel this way about this whole global financial crisis. I believe the fear from the government and the media made it what it is now. Just a fucking shame.


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