February 19, 2009

Too Tired To Move Out Of The Way

I'm tired and cranky.

Does this happen to men too? Do they have days where they just wanna lay around, nap, eat brownies, and bitch? Bah - it takes you over!

I don't even have the energy to write this entry.

What I feel like saying is yes, Matthew, men are more charismatic than women because (as studies have shown) they like to take up more physical space than women. Look it up and watch me spread my legs nice and wide when I sit down, because if being "lady-like" (we know ladies keep their knees together now don't we?) means men are seen as the more charismatic sex, then fuck decency, whatever that means.

The most charismatic person I know is a woman. Ha.

Anyway, as soon as women stop to think for a moment about what makes them "lady-like" according to society, and just who made these rules and who died and put them in charge of what is decent, perhaps they can begin to stop trying to make themselves as small as possible and start spreading out a bit.

No idea where that mini-rant came from, like I said, I'm tired and cranky ;)

What else do I feel like saying...


Okay thanks for bearing with me :)

Love Marylin.

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  1. Men do have their moments believe me. Tashena and I have been keeping track on a calender for the men in the house.For when they have their "time of the month" They swear they don't have it. But we figure keep it on the DL and when we have a few months logged in we're gonna show them! lol
    I think it's the winter blues.At least that's how I've been feeling.
    Big Hugs~


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