February 12, 2009

Creeping Out Of The Comfort Zone

Congratulate me, dear readers, I've lost 9.4 pounds and I'm telling the world! Well, it's a big deal to me, so shut up and be happy for me or go away because I have a long way to go and you'll be hearing about it, that's for sure.

It's a big deal, I'm an emotional eater and I have realized that the reason I haven't been able to lose weight has been because I haven't learned how to manage my emotions. So now that I'm learning to manage my emotions, I am also managing my eating... see how that works? So many years without knowing that... what a shame... but better late than never.

I just realized how uncomfortable I am with sharing this information with the world: there is a lot of shame involved in emotional eating, it's an addiction to something that gives comfort, much like drugs, alcohol, sex... never an easy thing to share. Fuck it. It's time to come out of the comfort zone.

-Love Marylin

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