July 18, 2008

Oh Lord Won't You Buy Me....

Soy yogurt kicks dairy yogurt's ass! Seriously it's so yummy.

Anyway, I need a pantry/cabinet type thing! I've been looking for one for a while with no luck. I've tried people I know, Kijiji, and Freecycle. I neeeeeed one people!

Something like this or similar:

Today's the full moon - good stuff.

I can't stand looking in my coffee cup to find it empty... it's such a disappointing thing.

Hmm I think I'd like to rant a bit...

My momentary topic of choice is a popular one for me: the health system! DUN DUN!

To make a very very long story short, I have (another) useless doctor who is being replaced. I'm very excited about this because there's always the chance this new guy will be decent and I can actually have a HEALER rather than a business person treat my health.

My last appointment with the useless doctor was around two months ago and she said we should have received a letter in the mail regarding her replacement. I still haven't gotten any letter and they were late two months ago. I obviously don't expect to receive one. How very professional. I called the doc's office about a month ago to see if I could schedule an appointment with the replacement doctor (since the current doctor would be gone) and they said no I couldn't. So I'm basically without a doctor (quite a familiar feeling actually).

Luckily, I don't get "sick" and am not dieing or anything, but I am disabled (fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis) which means I should be looked after on a regular basis to see how things are progressing, if I'm in too much pain, etc etc.

I've never had that. And to top it off, disability doesn't really care if I do, as long as I HAVE a doctor.

I just wanna be treated! By a professional! It's all well and good if I can treat myself (I'm not a medication fan) but I am not a certified doctor! lol There are things I don't know about that a doctor does (should) and I think I'm entitled as a Canadian citizen to have that, no?

I would really really like to see a Naturopath... they seem to be true healers as they treat the WHOLE person and not just try to band aid over the symptoms. But even though they have as much, if not more, education than an MD, the government refuses to cover the expenses of seeing a Naturopath. Oh my, those Naturopaths won't use our lovely chemical-licious drugs, they won't make us any money, screw them and all the people who would benefit from their healing.

May I remind people that the original medicine comes from the earth? The earth provides us with EVERYTHING we need. The only reason you have your disgusting drugs is because you twisted the earth's medicine into something you thought was better.

Doctors used to be healers. Not anymore. The more patients they can squeeze in, the more moola they make. The more prescriptions they dole out, the more money they make. They don't get bonuses for healing though.

You have a pain in your side? Here take two of these a day.

The pain pills are making you nauseous? Here, take these pills as well.

You say the pain in your side hurts a little less but now you're losing feeling in your fingers?

Anyway, you get the point. And the point is that the very reason you had the pain in your side is totally ignored. Aches, pains, etc are your bodies super cool natural way of letting you know there is something wrong with it. It is asking to be healed, not bombarded with chemicals that create even worse problems.


Yes it's a mess.

I'll stop - unless you'd like to read a whole book on it :P

So when and if I ever get to see this replacement doctor, he had better be good because my options are running out.

I will spend the money on a Naturopath, but I shouldn't have to... I really can't afford it, but what are my choices? Seriously, tell me...

Alright, enough of this, I'll leave you with a little poem for your amusement.

Fate Of The Muse

At my lap you sit and stare
In my hands you leave your care
And I extend myself to you
So in my thoughts and all I do
For you to grow and heal and thrive
It is your muse, I have arrived.
And through my love you grow to be
The person you've been trying to be

In my bed you lie and stare
Amazed of lust that is so rare
But you have grown and now you see
You cannot give your love to me
It must be false, the love you feel
And mine cannot be very real
There must be more than what I've shown
A muse must forever be alone.

-Love Marylin.

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