July 1, 2008

Never Ending Story

I got a Van Gogh!!! Well, a print of one anyway. I've been wanting a nice large piece to put above my kitchen table ever since I moved in and my dear Donovan came through for me last night with a salvaged, excellent condition, ginormous print of 'Starry Night' - yay! I love when stuff like that happens :P

What else is new and interesting?

I got to hold a wee baby chick on Saturday! Sooooooo cute - I got pictures! They're in Don's camera though lol.

Being there (at Howard's gorgeous old home on a beautiful huge property) made me crave something similar for myself: even just a wee little home on a decent sized property - close to the city but secluded enough to feel like you're really in nature, apart from crazy society. To lounge outside among trees and grass and gardens; to be free and inspired to write and make art and just create create create... I dunno, it's rejuvenating and I love being close to nature. Yeah I've got some ideas :P

Also went to a couple of flea Markets on Saturday - so many (toooo many) awesome things to look at! It would be dangerous for me to go there if I had alot of money!

I didn't buy anything but I definitely had my eye on an old telephone:

Sort of like this one but much nicer and it was black. It was around $40, which I probly could have done but I thought I should wait till I can really truly afford to buy it (or one similar to it). I just think it's so cool! I don't want it for use, I just want it for decoration - it will go well with the antique type writer I plan on one day finding. Awww yeeaaaah!


What else...

Ummm oh I'll show you the thingy I made for Don! He's the clumsiest feller I ever met - he accidentally broke one of my coffee mugs but I held onto the handle for some weird reason. This is what I did with it:

Oooooh 3D-craziness!

The quote says "Mistakes are almost always of a sacred nature" - Salvador Dali

He claims to like it lol.

Ok I go now!

-Love Marylin.

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