June 20, 2008

Art-a-tart-tart Rant-a-tant-tant

(Not really, I'm just a tad annoyed)

Ok my beef is to the people who fluff up the art & craft industry by manufacturing pieces with the main goal of making a buck. People who sit there pumping shit out while not even really enjoying the process (the whole point!) so that they'll have more STUFF to sell. Seeing someone else's idea and making a cheap version of it with thrown together stuff from the dollar store!

Sorry, it just annoys me. It annoys me because those people with talent and those people who derive such joy from doing their art/craft are lost in the crowd full of wanna-bes. And I don't claim to be any sort of artist or crafter but I am a great appreciator of those who are and what they come out with with their blood, sweat, and tears.

The world doesn't need more STUFF. But the world can never get enough of the art that comes from true passion and joy of the creative process.

Okay I think I'm done my ranting for the day. Thanks for listening.

Now I'd like to share the websites of a few artist/crafter friends who are very talented people:

Don Davie's site - http://www.navonod.net/
Nichola Battilana's site - http://www.labonadea.com/
Monika Ptok-Byard's site - http://www.faebylart.com/

There are more but here are just a few to appreciate.

-Love Marylin.

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