May 12, 2008

When No One Was Looking

Well I just had a good visit with my friend Brenda from elementary school: I don't get to see her too often because she lives in a different town and I don't drive, not to mention she's quite busy planning her upcoming wedding!

I don't have many close friends, but the few I do have are precious. I believe you don't need an army of friends in your life to feel loved, a few good ones are juuuuust fine.

I went to an information session today for psychiatry services at the local hospital - if you don't attend, they knock you off the waiting list and it takes FOREVER to get in.

I've been trying to get in for years, and something always happens, usually due to the stupidity of the system and all of that good stuff, but that's the story of my life - the system doesn't work, especially for Marylin lol.

Aaaanyway, it was informative and due to the lack of attendees, it looks like my remaining wait time won't be too horribly long anymore.


Get me some proper help so I can learn the tools I need in life to cope so I don't have to waste valuable resources and depend on yucky mind-numbing medications that only act as a band-aid.

The kicker is that at no point in my life have I needed this help LESS than I do right now. But I know that if I don't get it, I will just repeat old patterns and again the meds thing, no thanks.

I've blogged before, probably on many occasions about the health care system and its many flaws. I'll probably blog about it alot more in the future, lol.

Granted, we have it better than the United States, but the actual priorities of the system just make zero sense.

ODSP will pay for prescription medications but they won't pay the $5 cab fare for me to go to Aqua Aerobics, despite the fact that different doctors have told me that would be the most helpful thing for me.

They will pay for the "band-aid" remedies, but not the permanent solutions, who knows why? They're just perpetuating the cycle, doing no one any good. Do you think I enjoy living off of people's taxes? They aren't doing much to help me get out that situation.

I have yet to find a decent doctor. My present doctor is basically like not having a doctor at all because she's rarely available.

I'm supposed to be seeing my doctor on a regular basis to monitor the health issues that cause me to even be on disability, but I'm certainly not and no one seems to care.

Because of the lack of good doctors around, I would really like to see a Naturopath - they treat the WHOLE person, no band-aids, thank you. But they are not covered, of course.

Heaven forbid that a simple, inexpensive herb might do a world of good for someone because it's not "real" medicine.


No more ranting for today though, I'm in a good mood!

"Every pleasures got an edge of pain, pay for your ticket and don't complain."

- Bob Dylan

-Love Marylin.

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