May 5, 2008

My Half Japanese Bastard Child

Out with the old, in with the new.

Not since before I moved into my former house (March 2007) have I felt motivated and able to "get shit done."

I've just finished an intensive spring cleaning and my life is on a better, clearer path.

I finished the spring cleaning in time for today's new moon, so I topped it off with a releasing of old crap in my life, a cleansing of my home, and then a burning of healing incense.


Life is good. We are all on our paths and I feel good knowing I'm actually ON my path as opposed to the bulk of society who've strayed seemingly permanently - looks like zombie town. Feels odd being lucid around the foggy and lost.

Some goals I'm working on: My health.

Not until now have I had the inner strength to take hold on my health problems and REALLY do something about them. Because doctors are no longer really doctors and I have some permanent disabilities, it is difficult, but the goal is to not have to depend on those "doctors." It will take a while but it can be done.

On that note, no longer needing the one medication I'm on is also going to happen - and the sooner the better because it makes me foggier, less alert, and dumber than I naturally am and that won't due.

These are not pipe dreams, I have plans of action! :P

Career wise, I have a few fear hurtles to get over that are slowly being tested. I need to work through those.

My spirituality has settled into a better, more evolved place. It is very intuitively focused, nature focused, healing of myself, others, and the earth focused.

I seem to have evolved out of the need for specific deities or archetypes of spirit and am perfectly comfortable with the basic energy spirit aspects.

Some people need to rely on gods and goddesses, which is great and I'm still very into that, but they can become a crutch for many, which isn't healthy.

I've very much adapted what is referred to as 'living simply.' I'll post more about that soon, but it is really fulfilling, really helpful to the environment, and very easy on the wallet.

Anyway, I must end this entry on an adorable not, with a pic I just took of my cat George, mid-mew:

-Love Marylin.

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