December 12, 2007

Because I Said So!

Oh what will we do when the plain's all clean and the dancer declares it was but a dream and this place shrivels up and becomes obsolete we will have no home we will live on the street well pay for our food with the sins that they gave and we'll drink the cheap whiskey till we're dead in our grave and we'll smoke player's light and we'll dance in the street and we'll terrorize children who cry in their sleep we'll no longer be slaves to the suits and the slobs who wear their fat asses and shoot us with smog we will find Jesus Christ and he'll sing us a song about all the young ladies gone terribly wrong we are never too hungry we are never too cold to bring mirth to the masses and youth to the old we write limericks and trade them for gifts of the wise from the men who ride ponies and clever disguise I have told you this treaty for the sake of the dead they're asleep underground and have already fed and their faces are shining all painted in white so the crowds recognize and can put up a fight but the reason they come is to give you their tale of the men who are too weak to search for the grail I'm a bard and a jack-ass but soon it will end cause the plains all dried up and I ate all my friends.

I suppose you've forgotten the man from the plains, he went out to confess and they though him insane and they locked him away he will never come out though it was all true of the rot and the drought and he never stopped trying to tell us his story as far as we know he went out with true glory it happened to many the masses they came and they made sure the clergy felt sick with their shame and they went to the white house and threw dollar bills a few billion dollars each one for a kill then they marched to the city and smashed all the lights so the stores and the building had to close for the night and to end circulation they shot all the fiends who gave money to babies and drugs to the sleaze and they always remembered the truth of the man who is still locked away despite all of his fans but they'll do that to you if you have half a mind caused they'd rather the masses be stupid and blind this tale doesn't end and the fight will go on cause the changes won't come till the liars are gone it's such a sad thing to live and then die if you can't pay the fee to the man in the sky.

-Love Marylin

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