December 8, 2007

And A Bedroom Balcony...

I live in a lovely one-bedroom in a very good neighborhood in my beloved Hamilton: By MYSELF. A goal I've been striving for from practically the very beginning of my tenancy with my former roommates/former friends this past March.

Thank the gods. That's all I have to say. Thank the gods. I've learned a lot about having roommates in the past four or five years and I'm adamantly opposed to it (you never know who is going to fuck you right over).

On the other hand, I'm happier than a pig in shit, as they say, and isn't that they way life usually spins it?

Should I have listened to my friends, my family, my therapist when they told me these people weren't really my friends and I'm crazy if I don't get the hell out?

Nope. Shoulda listened to myself.

On that note, time to move on to bigger and better things, thank you.

Camera, lights, action!

-Love Marylin.

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