July 25, 2007

Photos And All Out Kahos

After transforming ourselves into Ana the lover, and Lilith the demon, Shauna and I, along with Grant and Don, headed down to the Hermitage on Saturday afternoon with the intent of taking photos.

Here is one of the many trails that Don thought would lead us to the ruins...

And here are the ruins after we finally found them.

After standing in the scorching sun, trying to get the poses just right for the scenes I wrote, we gave up on the script and opted for some spontaneous fun!

This was part of the scene but it looks more like Grant is trying to get lucky...

Spontaneous fun involves props...

A big man with a big mace...

What are you doing to the mace, Grant?

And Don broke the chain after doing God knows what with it in the shower...

Yeah baby!

And more picture taking...

Okay kids, we're outta here!

What a fun day! We headed to an old graveyard to take more artistic photos but the place ended up being fenced in and we had to cancel those plans.

We ended the day with dinner at Tally Ho's and a trip to Value Village, where Grant found this awesome game that combines poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, and twenty-one all in one fun filled game. I think I won, lol.

Unfortunately most of my pictures turned out horribly (see above), but there are few gems I'm going to hoard for later ;)

Love Marylin.

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