July 27, 2007

The Cost Of Bill C-288

According to an article in May Day Magazine, 'How Much Is It Worth To Stop Global Warming?' by Chris Borst, the cost of Bill C-288 (meeting the targets of Kyoto: reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 6% below the 1990 level by 2008-2012) would result in 276,000 in jobs lost - a number that the Canadian government feels is too weighty.

Canada suffered two recessions from 1981 to 1982 and again from 1990 to 1992, which cost Canada about 800,000 jobs. These recessions were deliberately caused by the government to defeat inflation, which was apparently necessary for restoring "fiscal discipline" and "stabiliz[ing] the value of money."

So, according to the government of Canada, 800,000 lost jobs is okay for "defeating inflation" but it is not worth 276,000 lost jobs (a significant amount less than the 800,000) to stop global warming.

My only defeating thought in the plight for cleaning our air has always been the fact that "they" will never bother, it will cost them too much money.

Now my thoughts are more along the lines of, 'who's gonna hold the gun to Mr. Harper's head (the Canadian government) and make this happen?"

P.S. Bill C-288 has yet to be passed in the House of Commons.

Love Marylin.

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