July 15, 2007

Miss Chief Eagle Testickle

Well things have been up, down, and all around with my life lately. It's really none of your fucking business but I will say there are a few things keeping me very happy these days.

Went to the Art Gallery Of Hamilton (AGH) not too long ago with a friend, that was a blast. I've gotta say my favourite part was Kim Adams: Bruegel-Bosch Bus.

That was pretty fascinating - it's been in the works for seven years and is a permanent exhibit in the gallery. I wish I had had a camera with me for that.

And a close second would have to be Kent Monkman (aka Miss Chief Eagle Testickle): The Triumph of Mischief.

There, we were allowed to enter Miss Testickle's elaborately decorated tepee and watch a very cool silent film noir by the artist.

His paintings are fascinating minglings of historical scenes and in your face sexual perversions. They're like staring into a wild dreamscape where nothing is as it would be expected.

In other news, you can check out my poetry as you're walking down King Street, downtown Hamilton ;) cause my piece, 'Steel', was just accepted for the sixth edition of 'Street' - a journal of fiction that reflects our shared urban experience.

That's good enough for now you nosy bastards!

Love Marylin.

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  1. Marylin,

    Nosy bastard here. I stumbled upon your blog-splat and enjoyed your comments about the Bruegel-Bosch Bus, and about Miss Chief. I couldn't help but connect these thoughts and images with what I see and experience every year at Burning Man. Have you been yet? 2008's theme for the BM festival is, "The American Dream." There's some kick-ass art going up this year with "mutant vehicles" etc. Check it out at Burningman.com and see the Image Gallery shots and a list of this year's Grant recipients...especially Kate Raudenbush's piece, "Altered State." Cheers
    -Grin (ARTerian)


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