April 30, 2004

Ontario Works - Not

I just got back from my appointment with Ontario Works (after they screwed up my first appointment and then so rudely told me to "come back tomorrow," even though I can't afford these transportation costs and I'm way too sick to be going out anyway) where for the second time the meeting was ended in tears.
I may be hyper-sensitive and I may be manic depressive, but I rarely cry so when I do I have to have a pretty darn good reason for it.

Since I have to go on disability, the ODSP told me to first go through OW as a formality and as a means to cover my costs while I'm in the waiting process. So that's what I've done and I've never experienced such disrespect in my whole life. These people stress being "treated as you would like to be treated" but they treated me like I was some criminal, suggesting that I have no right to go to the government for money, etc. Well, I'm sorry, but I've paid my dues and now I'm in need so it seems some of these programs should be helping me out-not making me feel like a thief.

I can completely understand there being a level of discrepancy to weed out those who rely on government aid or who take advantage of it, but if this is the way it is done than things REALLY need to be changed.
There are some people out there who work hard, pay there taxes, fees, what have you, and when these people are in dire need to survive they should not be treated like scum - this is so wrong.
I'm really upset about this - I need to know that there's a better way than this but it seems there is not.

Disappointed/discouraged/incoherently upset,

Love Marylin.

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