April 30, 2004

I'm The Crazy One?

I was reading a reply from someone in one of my online groups and I got that annoying feeling where I know it's pointless to respond, yet, there's a certain amount of decency I want to give.

Really, I just think sometimes you should give up: there are certain conversations that have the potential to go on into oblivion and maintain complete pointlessness throughout.

Once I come to the hair pulling disbelief that this person actually believes I'M the one who's nuts... yes, joining a local get-together group when you live in a completely different country is questionable.

So, when I'm not too tired I go for the oh-so polite method. But right now I am tired and I'm going to go for the "my mind just cannot wrap itself around your notions" method.

P.S. listen people, when I come into your place of work it is YOU working for ME and not the other way around. That's how you'd like me to treat you, right???

Love Marylin.

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