September 16, 2013


I didn't wanna go to the Supercrawl - I was sore and way too anxious to be around all those people.  But I forced myself because I guess I felt I would rather be in pain and have anxiety than to sit home like I always do and feel like the world is spinning without me, and I'm watching people live their lives in ways I just cannot.

I love my city and the things I love most about it are things I have difficulty participating in because of my illnesses and social anxiety and that pisses me off so much.

So I went with Brian.  There were about 200% more people there than I imagined - it was huge and awesome.  I was nervous and overwhelmed but after being there a while, I started to relax and focus more on the art than on how I was feeling and how I might look to everyone else.

And I had a good time and felt the same inspiration I always do when I go to the Art Crawl, except much more so. 

I  bought a small print by local artist Megan Rae:

She has a lot of work I really like, and a lot of pretty cool surrealist stuff, like this Dali-esque peice:

 You can see more of her stuff here and on her website here.

I also bought two prints by another local artist, Tim Francis.  After working at Dofasco most of his life, he retired in 2004 and opened a gallery on James St. N.  

I got signed prints of Irving's clothing store on James Street that I cannot find a picture of for some reason, and a larger print of This Aint Hollywood:

We decided to end the evening by stopping at This Aint Hollywood for a drink.

I love this city.

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