June 18, 2009

A Lot

Change is inevitable. Nothing ever stays exactly the same, nothing. ever. Yet, from moment to moment, everything seems so predictable.

You never expect anything extraordinary is going to happen, and if you do, that doesn't mean it will.

If you're happy. If you're in love. You assume it's going to last forever, because, well, why wouldn't it? What could possibly happen to destroy such happiness?

Thoughts of a very naive girl.

Life is ever moving, ever turning - falling and rising - crying and laughing.

I started out intent on being casual. Fought it. Been fighting it for a long time now.

I fight it because you want me to.

I fight it because I hold onto the hope that eventually all my fighting will have paid off and I can look you in the eye and tell you, "I'm over it."

But I'm not. Not even close.

And that makes me hate myself.

It's just too much to be contained, too much truth and emotion to bottle, to pin down, to articulate.

I am both genius and stupid when it comes to you.

-Love Marylin.


Thanks for reading <3