May 26, 2009

The Perfect Drug

My niece, Amelie, is eight months old and she is a freak of nature.

I mean that in the good way: she is going from not really crawling, to being able to stand up and walk while holding onto something. I think that's just nuts! She "crawls" by standing on her feet and hands... it's quite something.

Mind you I have little to no experience with babies so perhaps that is not so abnormal, but I think it's just amazing.

She is also ginormous and so strong. I think she's probably pretty close to being a perfect baby.

I love her to death but don't get to see her often and I really, really hate that.

She's the happiest being I've ever met and she infects you with it... better than any medication.

I wish this world wasn't so fucked up.

-Love Marylin.

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