April 1, 2009

I [<3] Sunny !

So my friend Sunny is trying to win a Nissan Cube via a contest they are having in which fifty of the most creative and unique folks are chosen as the lucky winners.

I really hope she wins, she could really use it as part of her plan for immersion therapy. Plus, I'm hoping she'll drive her sweet-ass ride to Hamilton to hang out with me eventually ;)

Well, it doesn't hurt that she's one of the most hyper-creative people I've ever met - she's pretty awesome and is dedicating a lot of her time and energy toward this competition.

George and I want to show her our full support...

If you're interested in seeing a deserving gal win something that will vastly improve her life and mental health, go check her out and show her your support too!

And here's some snapshots of George's photo-shoot... you just... had to be there...

click photo to enlarge

-Love Marylin.

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