April 20, 2008

I See The Sun!

Spring is finally here, and lo and behold, I'm alive again.

My SAD wasn't nearly as bad as usual this winter though, and I account that to the fact that I changed my living situation, cut out people who were not really my friends at all, and had the support of my best friend, who is my rock for better or worse.

If I stay on this track, I expect each year to get better and better. It's a hard road but it's my road.

I'm feeling pretty darn good all in all. My only real complaint would have to be the over-all health, but that, too is being improved through perseverance. I will always be "sick" but I don't always have to be sick, lol.

Had a trip to the emergency this week due to unexplainable pain. Getting an ultrasound on Tuesday but I'm hoping it was just a bad case of ovulation pain (cross my fingers).

Gross! Speaking of health, I've completely cut out all artificial sweetener from my diet. It started when I tried a cookie recipe using Splenda: the cookies tasted horrible and went into the trash. After some research on Splenda, I found out that it isn't even made from real sugar like they claim. They call it sucralose to trick people into thinking it's sucrose (real sugar). Not only that, but it's full of the same chlorine that's used in swimming pools. No thank you sir.
Than I realized that there are only 15 calories in 1 teaspoon of sugar. Considering I only use sugar in my coffee, I found it pretty stupid of me to be using sweetener to save calories. The chemicals of the sweetener are doing far more damage to me than a bit of sugar ever would. I urge everyone to do some research on the subject. Even if you're trying to lose weight (which I am) or are diabetic, using real sugar is still going to be better in the long run. Just off the top of my head - sweeteners make you retain water, which makes you bloated and weigh more.

"Diet soda, which generally is sweetened with aspartame, has been shown to be linked to an increased incidence of obesity by Sharon P. Fowler, MPH, and colleagues at the University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio in a recent study."

But I digress.

Doing spring cleaning! My spring cleaning usually lasts throughout the whole spring because I really get down to the details. I scrub, I purge, I organize.

Professionally I'm still procrastinating! Gods help me. I've got a domain up and ready for action but it's still not done! I managed to create a whole site from scratch for my brother and did quite a bit of work on Don's site and blog, but my own site? nope. That too, will be remedied though, and I'm not terribly worried - I've got a purpose and I will fulfill it.

I've been in a huge cooking/baking mood lately! I love it! Thank goodness I have someone to cook for sometimes or it just wouldn't be as fun.

Going to Hempfest, today being 4/20 and all. Should be interesting...


-Love Marylin

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