June 1, 2007

21 Things I Want In A Lover

This is not the be all end all list or the pre-requisites for the man of my dreams: this is simply a list of 21 things that would make me a happy girl - some of them are set in stone (like the honesty thing), and some are ideals.

I believe in putting your intentions out to the universe - sort of manifesting your future... but mostly, this is me saying "I'm sick of getting hurt - where is my soulmate!"

1. Honesty
2. Compassion
3. Goal oriented
4. Caring
5. Makes me laugh
6. Can communicate
7. Expresses some interest in my interests but has interests of his own
8. Is experimental in the bedroom (adventurous, eager, and passionate)
9. Loves me for who I am
10. Is nice to me!
11. Wants to spend time with me
12. Treats me with respect
13. Treats me like a queen!
14. Thinks I'm beautiful (in some way!)
15. Has some depth
16. Is strong (not necessarily physically)
17. Cares about himself (but is not arrogant)
18. Gives a damn!
19. Can admit his faults and tries to better himself
20. Is sweet to me :)
21. Does not play mind games

Love Marylin.

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