December 9, 2006

Anything But...

Anything: surfing the web, watching television, cooking, cleaning, reading!, thinking, chatting, rationalizing, doing my nails - anything - but STARTING the process.

Of course it could be argued that I am just getting the wheels turning, occupying myself with other mundane activities to come back to the keyboard refreshed, but I'm ashamed to say that most of my life consists of this so called "wheel turning."

But I digress.

I couldn't sleep last night and had the dreaded attack of inspiration - dreaded, because my mind and body are way too tired to do anything about it. But I did manage to quickly jot down my ideas before they would disappear forever, to some mysterious place where there are thousands of other gems wasting away.

But I swear! Right after I'm finished reading Blessings of the Blood, I will start the research process so I can get going with the writing of this new book (check back soon for more information on this one).

I also managed to send off my application to register for the 2006 Hamilton Small Press Fair, which is coming in November and where I hope to sell off most of my remaining copies of Swallowed by the Room.

What else? Trying to redo my online portfolio but having a hell of a time finding a free hosting site that doesn't have too many annoying pop-up ads, and having an even harder time coming up with a new layout.


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