August 12, 2006

I'm No Nine-To-Fiver

Is there something wrong with not wanting a high paying, super status, blow-my-money-on-years-of-school job?

Apparently it's been planted in our brains somewhere in life that without the above, we will somehow be in the below.

Not that there's anything wrong with having a plan: I'm a big plan fan. But there are those of us out there that really don't need all the hoopla. Those of us whose time is better spent doing what we do rather than stay in the waiting room of University programs, college schedules, and the horrible "but I need a plan before it's too late" kind of thinking.

Should I continue confusing myself with delusions of finely drawn career plans or should I just do what I do, often, better, and for money?

Woe is the writer who in calling herself by name should feel somehow inferior to any other nine to fiver.

Maybe the question isn't so much in the planning as what we really should be planning for.

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