September 29, 2005

Weirdest Chain Of Events


I came home from visiting my mum today and notice that the hampster's cage has been knocked to the floor and the Hampster is MIA. My first thought is that he must have died and my roommate got rid of him.

But then a few hours later she calls me from work and tells me that the hampster escaped when the cage got knocked over and he's running loose somewhere in the apartment.

A few hours later, still no sign of Hammy. I figure he'll show up sometime.

So I'm sitting here chatting with a friend on MSN... we're talking about how I want this guy to call me and as soon as I typed it, the phone rang and it was him.

So I go out on the balcony and talk with him for a bit, then go back inside. As soon as I walk inside the door knocks. I go answer it and it's my neighbour from the apartment downstairs...

He says, "did you guys lose a hampster?"

I say, "Yaaaaaah?"

So he goes back downstairs and then comes back up holding the friggin' hampster. SOMEHOW, it got downstairs! Not only that, but the poor bugger used to be white, and is now dark gray from what I can only assume is the dirt he went through on his voyage through whatever vents, walls, or what-have-you to get downstairs.

F-ing hilarious!

Love Marylin.

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